Manned Guarding in London

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Manned Guarding in London

You might need manned security services for a wide range of applications. Manned guarding applies to situations where various types of workforce personnel are required on-site. You need manned guarding specialists when CCTV monitoring or response services are simply not enough. 

Manned guarding serves as a deterrent to thieves and interacts with visitors upon entering your building, as well as securing people and property from potential theft or physical damage.

Here at Getaguard, we understand the importance of protecting your property and assets from thieves and vandals. If no one is around to stop them, squatters and passers-by can camp without authorisation, making it difficult to advance your various projects.

What’s more, it isn’t uncommon for criminals to steal equipment and other valuables. When this happens, it puts you in a dilemma, because you have to pay for the replacement of the stolen item. Moreover, you’re always worrying about the possibility of break-ins, theft, and other criminal acts. 

You don’t have to be a victim, as you worked hard to get to where you are today. With the help of Getaguard, you can relax knowing that your property and assets are safe. Our customised manned guarding services help reduce risk and give you peace of mind.

We offer tailored company security services to your business to reduce risk & get peace of mind, all at a price point which your accountant won't blush over.

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We are available via email or telephone to provide ongoing support.

Our Security Guards are provided with ongoing security training to ensure best practice.

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At Getaguard, all of our security guards who are in customer-oriented roles receive ongoing training. This covers both the goal of excellent customer service and the core principles of satisfying customers. It also entails specific ways of interacting with customers and building rapport for an optimal customer experience.

When you have dedicated manned guarding services, your business has a better chance to flourish. At Getaguard, we attach great importance to helping businesses grow. We believe that a large part of a company’s growth begins with controlling on-site assets. 

Getaguard will make sure that what’s yours is not easily stolen or vandalised. Moreover, we strive to protect your name. In doing so, you and your business will benefit from one of the most trusted and respected security and protection services in London.

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Qualified & vetted

All guards are SIA-licensed, DBS-checked and vetted to BS7858 standard.

Friendly, firm & fair

Guards undergo continuous training in all areas of customer service and conflict management.

Proven partners

You get your own account manager to customise a package for your exact requirements.

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