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Looking for a change from Kingdom Security? We’re building a mobile app for the security industry giving guards control over their work schedule and getting them paid faster. Customers get best prices due to lower fees and more flexibility to change requirements. Interested? Join our waiting list below!
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Use our mobile app to adjust your manned guarding requirements for convenience.

We are available via email or telephone to provide ongoing support.

Our Security Guards are provided with ongoing security training to ensure best practice.

Better than Kingdom Security for Guards

Working in the security industry is tough. We’ve been therebefore. Not only is the job highly demanding and stressful at times, but employers don’t make it any easier on guards. Requirements change at a moment’s notice and you are left finding another open position with a different company. How about instead of that, you joined a mobile app that would show you a pool of available shifts so if one site didn’t need you, you could be deployed to a different site without having to apply to new companies and spend time without an income. 

How many times have you found it difficult to get time off? Ever been told that you need to work every weekend if you work on the doors of bars? This is because traditional security companies are set up in such a way that employees MUST work every week for the model to work. They can’t hire someone and vet them just to provide a couple of weeks of cover. But with Getaguard, we don’t have that problem. Our mobile app will connect customer requests to a network of thousands of security personnel in their city, so if one wants to take the weekend off to go golfing or just play playstation then they can as the app will just route the request to another guard. 

Finally, have you ever wanted better control of your money? With our app you can see how much you will earn from a shift before you take it, how much you have earned from all of your shifts so far and you will get paid instantly, no more waiting a month or for a week in hand to get your hands on your cash.

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Better than Kingdom Security for Customers

Through our mobile app we are best placed to provide industry beating prices as we can charge a lower fee per transaction than any of our competitors. Benefit from our technology by paying less out every time you want to get security guards. We promise this will make your accountant happy.

Last minute requirements not being accommodated? You’re not alone, within the industry it is very common for businesses to be unable to make last minute requests to their security provider and actually have them fulfilled. This is because the work that must go in on the back end cannot be done quickly enough for the company to agree to it. With Getaguard, a last minute request will be filled as you have access to our pool of thousands of security personnel in each city who can all be notified of the available work. This allows you to put security on for the Christmas rush, the World Cup or any other big events that you would typically struggle to get staff for.

You can achieve better insight into what’s happening at your site with Getaguard. Through our mobile app guards can write and save incident logs about what is happening at your site, which you will see in real time as they update. Not only does this create an immaculate audit trail to look back on down the line, it gives you knowledge about what’s happening at one site or at all sites across a national estate no matter how far away.

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