Commercial Security Guard Services

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Commercial Security Guard Services

When it comes to commercial security services for office buildings, all facility managers across the country agree that they need the assistance of security companies. When you entrust Getaguard to protect your premises, you can look forward to professional, reliable, and competent personnel who take pride in securing what’s yours.


Experts say that the world today poses too many threats to not have security guard services. They added that all aspects of commercial security, including armed, unarmed, and uniformed security are the cornerstones of protecting any commercial property.

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We are available via email or telephone to provide ongoing support.

Our Security Guards are provided with ongoing security training to ensure best practice.

Commercial Security for Construction Sites

We provide a complete commercial security solution for companies that want to protect their construction sites. We will conduct a preliminary risk audit of your site and then create a customised solution to meet your specific needs.


By securing our services, you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your construction site. Therefore, you can ensure that your valuable equipment, tools, and materials are protected from damage or theft.

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Qualified & vetted

All guards are SIA-licensed, DBS-checked and vetted to BS7858 standard.

Friendly, firm & fair

Guards undergo continuous training in all areas of customer service and conflict management.

Proven partners

You get your own account manager to customise a package for your exact requirements.

Trusted Commercial Security Company for Your Property

Getaguard provides licensed and trained SIA security personnel to help you protect your commercial business. In addition, our guards spare no effort to provide excellent customer service to London residents.

Our robust security experience enables us to provide excellent security services at an affordable price. What’s more, our security team members are trained to identify and reduce bad behavior before criminal activity even has a chance to occur.

In addition, we adhere to strict methods to evaluate and monitor your property. Our vigilant approach ensures optimal security and 24/7 protection. We also provide routine inspections for maximum safety and efficiency.


While it’s true that the threat of criminal activity is greater than ever, having a full-time and experienced security guard to protect your property can effectively reduce such problems from arising at your commercial property.

When you are ready to provide your customers and employees with the best experience while protecting your property, please use our contact form to get a quote regarding your security needs.

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